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Sunday, September 1, 2019

What Uni has taught me

Now, I'm nearing the end of my university experience, going into my 3rd and final year of my degree. But, I know some of you will just be starting. It's scary, yes, but will honestly be some of the best years of your life. And in order to help a little, I've created a quick list of some of the things I've learnt over the years. (Learn through my mistakes and empty purse).

  1. No matter how many surveys you complete, you will properly need a proper job. Most places are understanding of University timetables so get your CV out there as soon as you can- before everyone else gets in there first! 
  2. When you spend money, put the receipt on 'Receipt Hog'. This handy app uses your receipts for surveys whilst you get 'coins' in return. The coins eventually add up and you can cash them in on Paypal. An extra £5 here and there never hurt anybody.
  3. I know when you first move out, it can be very daunting that you have to cook for yourself. That being said, try not to have toooo many takeaways as it will absolutely drain your bank account! Save your money for takeaways with your new friends, rather than just having one all to yourself. (That way you get to split delivery as well!) 

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

What's the big deal?


Johnny: a teenager suffering with anorexia.

Nurse Mary: a nurse working at the eating clinic who has a fascination with Johnny. 

Megan: a teenager in the eating clinic. 


Inside the Nurse’s office, NURSE and MEGAN are sat at the desk.

NURSE: How would you say your week has been Megan?

MEGAN: It’s been okay, yeah.

NURSE: Settling in alright?

MEGAN: I’m getting there now. Finally finished my room.

NURSE: Well that sounds good. Is everyone being nice to you?

MEGAN: Yeah they’re all so welcoming, Johnny’s being so lovely as well.

NURSE: (Pause.) Good, good… What’s he been doing?

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Filler filler filler

Hola Chicas and Chicos!
Long time no see.

So I have been a very busy bee recently, hence the lack of posts on here. But alas, things have settled and calmed now so I am back and ready for business. Originally I had the idea of doing a few posts about what I've been up to, but honestly, some of it was so long ago that I wouldn't be able to write about it in the detail I'd want. So instead, you've got this quick filler post so then we can just get on with the real exciting stuff!

So my last post was on the 22nd of June (Sorry), and since then I've:

  • Moved into a new flat! Which, are you ready for this? ...ISN"T MOULDY! That's right! Ya gal won't be getting ill this winter! Oh no! I'll be all cosy and warm with my double glazed windows and proper radiators! The flat is beautiful and I am a very very happy girl.
  • Went to Cheddar Gorge with my boyfriend and his family. If you haven't been and fancy a nice, nature filled break, then 10/10 would recommend. 

  • Went to Spain with my family and James. Honestly, one of the best holidays. So chill and so nice to spend longer than 4 days with my Mum and Dad -the issue with uni, eh. 

  • Had a flat night out. Now this might not seem to special, but it was the only time since moving in that all of us were together, so a cheeky spoons was definitely in order. 

  • Been working my ass off. Not anything interesting,  but very very true.
  • Decided where I definitely want to study my PGCE and started revising for my general test. Scary stuff.

Andddd filler post over! Thank you for reading, and I promise I'm sticking around now!

Hollie xx

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Things are changing

Hiya guys,

So firstly I'm sorry for the lack of posts on this blog, I have been very very busy recently as I've been doing teaching work experience and also getting ready to MOVE FLAT! That's right! Goodbye mouldy room, showers that don't work properly and the decaying mouse Susan! 
I am soooo bloody excited -if you could't already guess.

We move out on the 30th of June and move into our new flat on the 1st of July -so just over a week to wait ahhh! It's been really busy though as our current agency has given us a cleaning list the size of my arm, then I've also got to pack and eventually move everything into a storage locker. 

But it'll be worth it as the new flat is beautiful -be prepared for a full tour soon! It's a little bit out of the city centre but still in a really bustling part of Bristol, butttt it does mean I have to walk up a massive hill everyday which my body is NOT prepared for! Oh well, a gorgeous new flat and toned legs -can't be bad!

I'm currently all packed up apart from a few clothes, so my room feels very very bare right now. 
Here is what it did look like,
Thank you for reading (even though it's only been short and an update -sorry),

Hollie xx


Sunday, June 9, 2019

To the land of Shakespeare

Stratford-upon-Avon, the land of Shakespeare, antique shops and baked goods! And also the place of this years birthday celebrations for my wonderful boyfriend James.

So wayyy back in February, I had the -very pricey- idea that I wanted to take James on holiday for his birthday present. We'd never been away together and the idea of being somewhere different, especially after exams had finished, sounded perfect.
Now came the task of where to go! As I'm on a student budget I knew I couldn't afford anywhere out of the UK, but as James is a theatre lover like myself, I thought Stratford would be the perfect place. We could wander antique shops, all the Shakespeare places, as well as getting some delicious food.
So I booked the Crowne Plaza for the end of May and was super organised for James' birthday at the start of that month.
And now that you're all caught up, on with the adventure!


After arriving in Stratford at around 3ish, we checked into our beautiful King size (!!!) room, and then had a wander around the town. I was amazed at the beauty of this place, the sun shone, boats bobbed on the sparking river and everyone just seemed really happy! After a little trip to the hotels pool, we went for dinner at a small restaurant on the waterfront called "The Marina", we had tapas whilst sipping Gin (for me) and cider (for James). It was a perfect night of chatting, laughing and relaxing -the most amazing start to our holiday.


After walking around the day before, we had a few places in mind that we wanted to explore -one of which, was Magic Alley. This wondrous shop held all things magical and mystical, including spell books, tarot cards, crystals and even an escape room/puzzle room type thing! ... which we definitely had to do! I have to admit, it was a lot of fun and something neither of us were expecting to do, and luckily we did pass meaning we are now "Ministry of Time Commanders". 
We also did an actual escape room called "Chalice of Champions" (sticking with the magic theme) at Escape Live. This was soooo much fun and really well designed! If you've never done an escape room before then I definitely recommend trying one, I was really sceptical at first and now I love them! And, thank god, we did escape with only 4 minutes and 3 seconds remaining -not bad, not bad.
Finally, we went to the Swan Theatre and saw the RSC's performance of 'As you like it', a funny and rather confusing play all about love. As my first live Shakespeare play, I thought it was wonderful, the actors, costumes and staging were great and how the RSC adapted it was so funny and clever! Definitely a must see -and if you have a free RSC Key then it's only £5!!


On our last day we decided to dedicate our time purely to Shakespeare- bring on the tours! Firstly we went to Shakespeare's Birthplace where we learnt all about his parents, early life and siblings. It's incredible walking through the rooms where he was raised and looking at all the historical items on display.
Then we ventured over to 'New Place' (my favourite) which is where Shakespeare's house should have been. There was a funny tour by a man named Tony called "Where's the house?" which discussed why the building was no long there -10/10 would recommend. As the house is missing, the site has been transformed into beautiful gardens with stunning statues and art work, as it was such a beautiful sunny day, we really got to enjoy this and see all the plants in full bloom.
Finally, as we couldn't resist, we went back to Escape Live to tackle their Shakespeare themed room "Shakespeare Script" -had to stick to the theme, didn't we? Luckily we escaped out of this room as well, with only 3 minutes and 25 seconds left -it was definitely a little trickier.

I absolutely loved this trip and feel like it was just what we needed! Sometimes the city can get so busy and jobs, and life get in the way -so having 3 days just us was utterly perfect.

Thank you for reading,

Hollie xx
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